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Mega Strengthening Queen Kit (Sensitive Relaxer) | The Diva Shop Nigeria

Mega Strengthening Queen Kit (Sensitive Relaxer)

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    Mega Strengthening Queen Kit (Sensitive Relaxer)

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    Product Type: MG Combo


    This kit includes the following products:

    MG Sensitive Care Relaxer 7TUPs

    MegaGrowth Deep Conditioner 250ml

    MegaGrowth Leave-in Treatment 250ml

    Growth Oil

    Antidandruff Shampoo 354ml

    Antidandruff Leave-in Treatment 250ml

    Antidandruff Leave-in Spray 237ml

    Stimulating Shampoo 345ml

    Detangling Conditioner 345ml

    How to use
    • Apply a generous quantity of stimulating shampoo to your hair and wash thoroughly till clean -add detangling conditioner, detangle with a comb the rinse out.
    • For best results apply generous amount of deep conditioner to the hair -cover with a shower cap then stay under the dryer or use a steam cap for 10-15 minutes then rinse off.
    • Apply Leave-in-treatment to moisturize hair daily.
    • Use Growth oil to Seal in moisture and soothes dry scalp.
    • Wash with the antidandruff shampoo to get rid of flakes, apply the leave in treatment and use the Leave in spray to maintain.
    • Do consult your stylist to ensure complete relaxer regime is followed along with the right relaxer process.

    Yes Queen, Presenting to you your Hair care partner that takes care of all your hair care needs leaving your hair looking strong and beautiful. You have completed the first step to strong and beautiful hair by identifying the right relaxer for your Hair type. 

    • Sensitive Care - 25% more oils to protect your scalp and give you strong and damage free hair. scientifically formulated for Fine relaxation without damaging the hair or hurting the scalp.
    • MegaGrowth Stimulating Shampoo – Removes product build-up without stripping natural oils with maximum cleansing and gentle rinsing properties.
    • MegaGrowth Detangling Conditioner – Detangles the hair while leaving it conditioned & healthy. 
    • MegaGrowth Deep Conditioner- Prevents hair damage; rebuilds and restores hair strength & shine. Protects against styling stresses.
    • MegaGrowth Break Free Leave-in Strengthener – Strengthens it from deep within and adds moisture leaving the hair detangled, soft and silky.
    • MegaGrowth Growth Oil – Soothes the scalp and protects it from heat damage while promoting healthy looking growth.
    • Anti Dandruff Shampoo - Cleanses the hair & scalp of flakes Prevents Itchiness and Scalp Sensitivity. 
    • Anti Dandruff Treatment - Adds moisture & conditions the hair Prevents Itchiness, Scalp Sensitivity and Dandruff flakes. 
    • Anti Dandruff Spray - Prevents flaking and relieves itching” this is a core functionality for all antidandruff products.

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