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    LISA (AF54)

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    Length : 1.5mm Size: Thin
    Texture: Faux Mink

    Product Type: Eyelashes

    No. Of Packs Per Head: 1
    These eye lashes are light as feather, layered, long lasting short & thin which gives a natural look & feel.

    Product Care Instruction:

    Remove the lashes from the box carefully ideally using tweezers, Apply a thin layer of glue along the band allow to dry for 10 seconds till it becomes more sticky in nature, Place Eyelash on your lash line. Avoid sticking on your lashes.

    Can I use Mascara and Eyeliner with my Eyelashes ?
    Yes! Absolutely. Mascara and Eyeliner can be used to give a more defined finishing look
    Can wearing lashes harm my natural lashes?
    If applied Carefully and properly False Lashes do not harm your natural lashes. Be sure to apply the lashes just above your natural lash line
    What is the best way to remove the lashes?
    Use makeup remover pads to remove excess adhesive/makeup on skin or Use Coconut oil, apply in a cotton wool place on the eye and let is sit for 30 secs this will help soften the adhesive and allow the lashes to easily slip off
    Can I sleep with my lashes on?
    Please do not sleep with the eyelashes on.

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