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February 24, 2023

11 Practical and Pretty Hairstyles for Natural Hair to Try This New Year

New year, new me. If this is the mantra you want to live by in 2023, a change in your usual natural hairstyles could bring out a visible change! One of the biggest advantages of embracing your natural hair is that you get to try out an array of hairstyles and create tons of new looks.

Protective natural hairstyles like long braids and crochet braids prevent your hair from breakage and damage. You also tend to expose your hair to less heat and styling with natural hairstyles. Here are 11 practical and gorgeous hairstyles for natural hair that you must give a try!

1. Space Buns

This hairstyle gets its name from Princess Leia's iconic double bun hairstyle in the original Star Wars movie. They are also called double buns or puff buns and are one of the funkiest and easiest hairstyles to pull off. Space buns are also super practical as they keep your hair out of your face and can be done in minutes!

2. Protective Halo

Even though braiding and twisting can protect your hair from damage, it could take hours to create tiny braids. An easier solution is to create a twisted halo around the head that adds a touch of boho-chicness to your look. This style does not require any special tools and can be achieved in minutes. Make sure to deep condition your hair with a leave-in conditioner to ensure that there is minimal breakage. You can wear this style for up to a week to avoid causing damage by manipulating it too much.

3. The Pineapple

This hairstyle is simple, sophisticated, and fun! All you need to do is to bend your head over so that your hair is pointing to the ground and use a scrunchie and bobby pins to secure the hair at the base. Let your curls fall naturally on the top of your head like a pineapple!

4. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are protective and practical braids that are gentle on your hair and super non-complicated! They are like box braids but are done with two strands instead of three. If you care for your Senegalese twists well by moisturizing the scalp and tips, these can last from eight to 16 weeks.

5. Accentuated Middle Parting

A well-defined middle part can be a fantastic canvas to create a host of practical and glamorous hairstyles. From voluminous brushed-out ends to micro braids, everything looks sleeker with a middle parting. You could also add heaps of glam to your look for a night out or party by adding a little piece of middle-part jewelry.

6. Twisted bangs and Updo

Short layered twists are chic and easy protective hairstyles. You can make your twists more interesting by parting across your scalp to create bangs that frame the face and styling the rest of your back twists in a classy updo. We guarantee that you are going to look like the epitome of effortless style with this hairdo!

7. Chunky Twists

The classic two-braid look can never go out of style especially when summer starts approaching. This hairdo can be altered for medium or long-length hair as chunky twists that are a protective natural hairstyle. Your hair can be parted sideways, diagonally, or in the middle. Trust us, you're going to feel super pretty and feminine with this style!

8. Multi-Braid High Bun

Buns are a common protective style. But you can spruce up a regular bun by creating braids and twists of different sizes and textures and putting them together into a high bun on top of your head. You could also apply the same technique to make a multi-braid ponytail.

9. Asymmetrical Curls

This is yet another style that can be worn for a casual outing or a black-tie event! Part your hair sideways and use a styling product to smoothen and direct your curls in different directions to create an asymmetrical style.

10. Extra Large Head Wrap

We believe that 2023 is all about big and bold looks. Make a powerful statement by using a colorful Ankara head wrap and fluffing up your hair before piling it up into a large head turban. You are going to look no less than a queen with this style!

11. Undercut Hairstyles

Giving an undercut to your hair can add instant edginess and boldness. You can keep your hair super short in a pixie with a side undercut or keep fluffy bangs with an undercut for a more versatile look.

Always remember to moisturize your hair and wrap it while you sleep to maintain your natural styles. Hope you try at least a couple of these new and trendy hairstyles in 2023!