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What is Diva Club?

Diva Club is our loyalty program that's free to join and made exclusively for you!
Earn points with purchases, win challenges and move up the tiers while earning more exclusive perks!

To view your points, simply click the purple icon on the bottom left, sign in, then click the icon again once you're signed in to view your points, ways to redeem and earn your referral code.

Benefits for members

Here are some great perks you get for becoming a member of our Loyalty Program

  • Birthday

  • Redeem
    Loyalty Points

  • Earn Points
    on Referrals

  • Earn


Tier 1


0 - 49999 points

Tier 2


50000 - 199999 points

Tier 3


200000 & above

Perks Included

New Customer

Sign up on our platform and get 1000 points


Earn this badge and 1000 points on your birthday

First Order

Place your first order and earn 200 points

Fifth Order

After placing your fifth order get 400 points

Tenth Order

After placing your tenth order get 800 points

Earn rewards by referring your friends

  • You refer a friend
  • Your referred friend creates an account and completes an order
  • You get 200 points and your friend gets 100 points

Frequently asked questions

What is Diva Club?

Diva Club is The Diva Shop's loyalty program which is open to registered users on Diva Shop. A user has to opt-in to join the club.

Is there a Membership fees to join the club?

No, there is no membership to join the club. All you need to do is click here and join the club.

How many loyalty points do I get for shopping on The Diva Shop?

The points distribution is as given below
If you are on level 1 i.e Silver - 1point for 1 NGN spent
If you are on level 2 i.e Gold - 2 points for 1 NGN spent
If you are on level 3 i.e Platinum - 3 points for 1 NGN spent
You do not earn points on Gift Cards Purchases.

Do I get loyalty points for purchases made on thedivashop.ng before joining the club?

You will get all the points for purchases made after joining the club. No loyalty points will be awarded for purchases made before joining the club.

How do I view my points?

Click the purple icon on the left bottom side once you're signed in, to view your points, and offers available to redeem.

What if I used different emails to place my order?

At the moment, our portal can only record your points if you're using the SAME email during the check-out process!

What if I already have an account with you?

If you have an account with us already, then you just need to sign-up for Diva Club by clicking on the purple icon popping on the website.

What is the validity period of the loyalty points earned?

Loyalty points earned remain valid for 12 month from the day they are made available to you. All the points not redeemed for 12 months will expire at the end of the period.

Where can I use these loyalty points?

The loyalty points can be redeemed for shopping on https://thedivashop.ng/. The offers will be made available on selected product for a certain time period. These offers will be announced on the platform only.

Can I cancel the offer that I redeemed with my loyalty points?

No. Loyalty points used to avail offers once will not be reversed.

Are there any tier based benefits on https://thedivashop.ng/ ?

Yes, based on net spend, you can level up to attain a status of Premium, Elite or Icon. The net spends required are specified on the Diva Club page and are subject to change from time to time.

How long is the Level status valid?

The level status depend on the number of points you have at any particular time in your account.

If I cancel or return an item from my order, will the loyalty points to be credited be cancelled?

Yes – the points that you would have earned will be cancelled when you choose to cancel or return and item from your order. (As per our terms & conditions we only accept returns, in case the product is in a damaged condition when you receive it. Cancellation are accepted only before the order is shipped out from our warehouse)

Can I use loyalty points to buy gift card?

No, this option is not valid at the moment.

If I exchange and item from my order, will the number of loyalty points to be credited be changed as per the value of the item I am exchanging?

Firstly, we do not accept exchanges wherein the item value is differing. Also, the number of loyalty points earned will not change depending upon the value of the exchanged item.

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