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December 23, 2022

7 Hair Breakage Causes and Treatments

It’s wintertime! And along with the much-awaited holiday cheer, cold weather also brings the highly dreaded dry hair! The air is drier during winter which means that the moisture from your hair is sucked out, leaving it parched. Since curly hair is especially drier, it experiences excessive damage during winter as compared to straight or wavy hair.

But of course, winter isn’t the only reason that causes breakage in kinky hair. There are a number of causes that have become a bane for Afro hair. Here are 7 common causes of hair breakage and their treatments.

1. Lack of Moisture:

The twists and turns in your gorgeous curly hair give it its unique look. But these uneven strands make it difficult for the natural oils to seep down till the tips. That’s why you'd have noticed that the ends of your hair tend to be particularly dry and brittle. If this continues, the damage can move upward through your strands to your hair follicles and cause overall breakage. To prevent this kind of damage caused by dryness, use products that deeply moisturize and protect your hair by locking-in the moisture. The Mega Strengthening Queen Kit comes with a deep conditioner, leave-in treatment, and growth oil which all contribute towards combating dryness and damage. 

2. Lack of Nutrition:

A lot of times we are very meticulous in choosing the external products we use on our hair and wonder why we are still not getting the desired results. Lustrous and healthy hair can only be achieved by treating it right, inside, and out. A balanced and nutritious diet is essential in fighting hair damage and breakage. Vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid are specifically important in maintaining healthy hair. Incorporate plenty of eggs, avocados, berries, fatty fish, and nuts in your diet to provide essential nutrients. Stay hydrated always by drinking at least three liters of water every day! 

3. Excessive Chemical Processing:

Chemical treatments such as relaxing and dying can be great ways to spruce up your hair but can also lead to hair breakage, if not used with caution. Try to use products that have minimal toxic ingredients. Use a sensitive non-lye relaxer if you have exceptionally dry afro hair.

4. Heat Damage:

Regular use of heat styling products such as blow dryers and straighteners can lead to hair breakage. Exposure to high heat strips the hair off its natural moisture. This causes excessive dryness and can lead to breakage. Always use a heat protecting product before using any hair styling product.

5. Incorrect Washing & Drying:

It is important to wash your hair regularly to remove dirt and sebum, but incorrect and harsh washing can cause dryness. Wash your afro hair gently, and with a gentle cleanser which will keep the natural hair oils intact. Use a mild and growth-stimulating shampoo like Megagrowth Stimulating Shampoo that removes excessive build-up and restores hair’s natural moisture, body and shine. Rubbing a towel harshly on your scalp for drying is another terrible practice! Naturally dry hair by gently squeezing out the water with the help of a microfiber towel. Proper washing and drying can bring about a sea of change in the texture and health of your hair.

6. Tight Hairstyles:

Tight protective hairstyles like braids and cornrows can sometimes cause too much hair stretching and trauma to the follicles. When you release these styles after days or weeks, you’ll notice that there is a lot of breakage. To avoid such hair breakage, try out hairstyles like puffs, low buns, and twists that don’t require over-manipulation and are gentle on your hair.

7. Stress:

Excessive stress can lead to temporary weakening of your hair follicles which in turn causes hair loss and breakage. Overcoming stress is not an easy task but it is important to not let your work or personal issues affect your mental well-being. Focus on things that make you feel happy and fulfilled and prioritize your mental health above everything else. By doing so, you will notice that this also has positive effects on your skin and hair. 

Don’t let hair breakage be the cause of further stress and anxiety. By finding out the root cause, and being patient, hair breakage can be reversed in most cases.