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December 24, 2022

9 Common Causes and Treatments for Hair Breakage

Hair breakage can be heart-breaking for all of us! Seeing your precious hair on the floor, hairbrush, or pillow can be very frustrating and can cause all kinds of anxiety. Curly and kinky hair is even more prone to hair breakage than naturally straight or wavy hair. Sadly, in Afro hair, breakage can happen when it is styled in braids and knots as well as when it is relaxed hair.

While extra love and care can help to reduce damage, getting to the root cause of hair breakage is essential to fix the actual problem and treating your hair appropriately. Here are 9 common causes of hair breakage and ways in which you can treat them:

Too Dry: Too much dryness is one of the biggest causes of hair breakage. Afro hair is naturally very dry and needs extra moisture to remain healthy. Dry hair causes a slower growth rate and brittleness that makes hair prone to breakage. Using deep moisturizing products like Megagrowth Break-free Leave-In Conditioner can help your hair overcome excessive dryness and keep them nourished.

Lack of Nutrition: First and foremost, your hair is a part of your body! Just like you have to eat clean and healthy to keep your body strong, your hair needs nourishment from within. To strengthen your hair follicles, you have to maintain a balanced diet that includes plenty of nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, proteins and good fats. Focus on getting good amounts of Vitamin B and E, iron, and essential amino acids that are very important to protect your hair from premature breakage.

Over Styling and Heating: Blow dryers and straighteners can be lifesavers when you want to style your hair, but regular use of these products can lead to severe hair breakage. When your hair is exposed to the heat in styling tools, the natural moisture of your hair evaporates, leaving it dry and rough. This causes structural damage to your hair and can ultimately lead to breakage. Always remember to use a heat protecting product before switching on the hair dryer or straightener. Megagrowth Growth Oil is a great product to use before styling your hair as it protects your hair from heat and deeply moisturizes it. Try to dry your hair naturally using a towel whenever possible and go for protective hairstyles every now and then too.

Unclean scalp: Product build-up on your scalp causes your hair follicles to clog. This may make your hair seem greasy, but in reality, it worsens the dryness as you stop receiving moisture from within. That is why, no matter what, you must always keep your scalp clean with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Follow a wash day routine with Megagrowth 2-in-1 wash day Combo to keep your hair strong and clean.

Hormonal Changes: Being a woman, hormonal changes are one of those annoying things that you just have to put up with. Hormones can cause a number of changes in your body which can make you feel and look different. Your hair is no exception to this and hormonal changes can cause various problems such as hair fall, hair breakage, and premature graying. A small amount of hair breakage during your menstrual cycle (the period in which your hormones are the most turbulent), is normal. However, if you have excessive and unexplained hair damage, especially accompanied by other hormonal changes such as acne, facial hair growth etc., you must consult with your doctor. They could prescribe a treatment that can fix the underlying cause.

Washing & Drying: Washing makes all the difference when it comes to hair maintenance. The key is to always wash your afro hair gently, and with a gentle cleanser for minimal damage. A harsh shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it rough and prone to breakage. Use a mild and growth-stimulating shampoo like Megagrowth Stimulating Shampoo that removes excessive build-up and restores hair’s natural moisture, body and shine. After washing, make sure to gently dry with a microfibre towel which causes less friction than a cotton one and causes less frizz and breakage.

Chemicals: Chemically treating your hair too often can be very damaging. Chemical relaxers are great in managing your hair and making them look sleek, but you must use them with utmost care. Use a sensitive no-lye relaxer if you have exceptionally dry hair.

Poor Tools & Accessories: There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting with a hairbrush on a Sunday afternoon and detangling your hair. However, if you get too carried away and use force, the hairbrush can be your worst enemy! Try detangling with your fingers instead. Apply some hair oil on your fingers and start from the tips, working upwards to the roots. Same holds true for all kinds of hair accessories such as scrunchies, bobby pins and clutchers. Anything that pulls at your hair or creates too much friction is a strict no-no.

Stress: Stress, shock and trauma can be causes of sudden hair loss and damage. While we can provide a number of causes and solutions for hair breakage, if you are not providing enough self-love and self-care to your hair, these external solutions may not be completely effective. Stress management is the key for healthy hair, skin, body, and mind and should be at the very top of your priority list.

Hair breakage can be reduced by finding out the root cause and treating it. Being kind and gentle to your hair, along with following a balanced diet and looking after your mental health can be the very first steps in reducing hair damage and breakage. So don’t stress, and let’s fight hair breakage together!