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December 02, 2022

Are you dealing with split-ends and breakage? We have the perfect solution for you

What could be better than a good day? A good hair day! Yes, we're talking about those days when you can't take your eyes away from your mirror because your ringlets have never looked better and everything simply seems to fall into place. But, you know what may come between you and your almost-perfect hair? Awful split ends and breakage.

What are split ends?

For the uninitiated, we'll tell you what a split end actually is. The protective outermost layer of your hair called the cuticle is affected and worn away by heat styling or any other chemical processes. This exposes the inner core of the proteins that make up your hair, rendering it subject to breaking and splitting.

Frayed ends may wreak havoc on your gorgeous hair, and we can't afford to ignore them. Regardless of hair length or thickness, split ends may happen to anyone. You're susceptible to broom-like hair because you curl, tong, dye and fry your hair to achieve trendy hairstyles. As a result, you need to treat them before they make your hair dull, dry, tangled, and unattractive in general.

How to repair the damage?

So, you might be wondering how to fix them? Well, you won't be able to completely reverse the damage and take a U-turn to healthy hair, but you can restore the strands temporarily. Continue reading to learn how to unlock the chamber of secrets for treating split ends and keeping your curls healthy.

1. Handle your curls with care

Treat your hair like a baby when you wash, brush, detangle, style, and touch it. Keep in mind that split ends form gradually as incremental damage accumulates over time. Split ends might be slowed down if you are gentle with your hair on a daily basis. Also, don't pull your hair into elaborate hairdos; they'll simply make things worse. Protect your ends by wearing low-maintenance styles, especially in the winter.

2. Unfriend your heating tools

Isn't it difficult to hide your trusted styling items away in your bedside drawer? But keep in mind that they're the leading cause of split ends. But if you won't be able to put down your style tools, invest in a serum that not only protects but also heals your hair by channelling the heat.

3. Make microfiber towel your most trusted ally

Microfiber towel fibres are more densely packed than normal towel fibres, allowing for faster drying. They dry your air quicker by wicking water with the help of a hair towel's split feature, which ironically lessens split ends. Microfiber towels also eliminate the need to ruffle your hair with your hands.

4. Shield your hair with satin or silk

A satin pillowcase or bonnet can guard your hair against split heads at night. But what about the winters when you have to stay outdoors in the freezing cold? Simply line your fashionable hats and scarves with silk to stop the rough fabric from biting your ends.

5. Use products that add strength to your hair

Do you think that combating your split ends is easy? It demands a great deal of effort and strength. Your mane is your crown, and you are no less than a queen. Worried about your hair's health? Fret not, Mega Strengthening Queen Kit is bringing 9 products in one kit at your service!

Sensitive Care Relaxer, Deep Conditioner, and Leave-in Treatment, as well as Growth Oil, will ensure that your hair is strong and damage-free. The Antidandruff Shampoo, Leave-in Treatment, and Leave-in Spray will save your scalp and keep split ends at bay.

The Stimulating Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner will gently cleanse your hair, leaving it detangled and healthy without stripping away the natural oils.

6. Trim off the ends!

Sure, it isn’t fun to trim the hair you craved to grow longer. However, if you trim your ends every 4-6 months or whenever you notice split ends, you'll be able to catch the ends before they cause serious problems! Remember to use sharp hair shears to get a clean cut that won't fray right away.

It's time to bid farewell to your split ends and welcome back your healthy locks!