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February 24, 2023

Ayra’s Ember Season Faves

Bringing to you the best of the season, only everyone’s fave: Ayra Starr!

If you’re following our social media closely, you already know that we recently collaborated with Ayra Starr to introduce you to some of our newest colours. Ayra is one of our most loved celebrities and if you love her just as much as we do or if you’re simply looking for some amazing recommendations, this article is perfect for you.

Ember season is the perfect time for changes, makeovers, and new opportunities. So, spicing things up is on our list of changes for sure, and if you’re here, we’re hoping it’s on yours too! And who better than Ayra Starr, THE Nigerian Idol to look up to for some gorgeous hair inspo, because we all know she’s so stunning!

Here’s a list of Ayra’s Ember Season faves that you can pick out from our newest collection of colored extensions:

1. Rosy Rush

The Darling Superstar Rosy braided hair extensions are not just Ayra’s favorite but ours too! These 100% Kanekalon Fiber premium braids are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and chic, all at the same time, so you never have to pick between quality or comfort.

These hair extensions are also soft and remain tangle free the whole time. Want to know the best part? The Darling Superstar extensions come with a unique hot water set technology that makes sure you never have to worry about them tangling. You can try many cute hairstyles with these braided hair extensions and we’re confident you’ll have so many compliments coming your way!

2. Cherry Stars

Just as the name suggests, this pop of color is just the right pick for you if you’re someone that wants to stand out from the crowd. Want to look cute, chic, and bold at the same time? These Darling Superstar Cherry Braided Hair Extensions will do the job for you!

With their unique hot water set technology, these extensions are flame retardant. You can try many protective yet stunning hairstyles using these. What’s more, is that these are made from Kanekalon fiber and are so comfortable and lightweight that they feel just like human hair. With these extensions and their superior quality, you never have to worry about your hair being weighed down.

3. Grey Away

Grey is perhaps one of our all-time favorite colors, and it turns out Ayra feels the same too. The Darling Superstar Metallic Grey Braided hair extensions are also made with super-quality Kanekalon fiber, making sure they feel comfortable and not too heavy. Glide your fingers through these extensions and you’ll be surprised at how smooth and light they feel.

These grey braided hair extensions look stunning and are easy to style. They are chic and sophisticated. Additionally, they’re also easy to manage as they come with a unique hot water set technology so the process of installation and even styling can be easy and smooth.

Some tips to remember

  • Two packs of the Darling Superstar Extensions are required for a full head.
  • Make sure your scalp is clean before installation
  • Keep your hair moisturized
  • Use a silk bonnet/ scarf at night to maintain the shine of the braids

Following these hair maintenance tips will make sure your extensions last longer and look beautiful as ever!

Ayra Starr and her style are least to say- iconic. She’s gorgeous and never hesitates from experimenting when it comes to protective hairstyles. Ayra’s Ember Season faves are definitely on our list of faves too, because who doesn’t love looking gorgeous while staying comfortable? We know we do!

So go on, and try your most creative hairstyles with the Darling Superstar Collection. Don’t forget to post them on your Instagram and tag us @darlingnigeria to stand a chance to sign an exclusive one-year influencer contract with us.