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December 01, 2022

Best Day-to-Night Ponytail Hairstyles

You know which hairstyle is the true MVP? A ponytail! It’ cute, convenient, and easily transforms from sporty to sleek and sophisticated. Ponytails are one of the best hairstyles that go well with your #ootd and also give you a professional look. Not to mention how classic a ponytail always looks! You can wear it at work during the day and style it with a date night outfit at night. That’s why day-to-night ponytail hairstyles are popular.

For all those deadlines, dates and everything in between, we recommend ponytail weaves or Silky Straight extensions that you can quickly create ponytails with. Here’s some of our favorite styles to add to your kitty:

High Ponytail:

True to its name, a high ponytail gives you a classy look and perks up your appearance. It etches out your face well. This is one of the most comfy and sophisticated hairstyles you can count on for all occasions. You can make this hairstyle more appealing by trying on our Silky Straight extensions.

Short Ponytail:

Neither too fussy and rightfully fancy, a short ponytail can turn heads wherever you go. It is pretty straightforward for working out, while keeping it stylish for date nights – perfect for almost every occasion you can think of! Pair it up with a popping scrunchie and you have an on point #lotd ready!

Wavy Ponytail:

Bored of your wavy hair? We say make the most of it by putting together a wonderful wavy ponytail. This style presents your playful and girly self with bare minimum efforts. Its smooth and plush textures work perfectly for that girl next door look. Make sure to use our Empress Super Body Wave to pull off this flawless look in minutes!

Braided Ponytail:

Trendy and effortlessly stylish, a braided ponytail never fails to live up to the style expectations. Its intricate patterns and sleekness make a braided pony iconic. It will give you that quintessentially carefree look and you will never get enough of it. Go ahead and try this ponytail for your voluminous hair. You can achieve the same look by using our fabulous braid extensions as well.

Curved Ponytail:

Great to go with a stylish scrunchie, a curved ponytail looks elegant and sophisticated. You can carry it off well for your workouts and meetings - they are uber versatile and chic. The curved ponytail is popular in pop-culture for all the right reasons. Try out this ponytail with our choicest extensions and keep those heads turning!

Curly Ponytail:

One of the best ponytails for curly textured hair, this hairstyle effuses class to your voluminously puffy hair. Style it low or high, a curly ponytail always looks spotlessly stunning. Make use of our exquisite curly extensions and then all you need is a scrunchie to complete the whole look.

You got all the style tips and deets for day to night ponytail hairstyles now, so go ahead and try them out soon, Darlings?