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February 24, 2023

Best ways to style your hair with Darling Superstar - Hair styling

What better way to rock some gorgeous hair extensions than with the Darling Superstar collection?

If you’re someone that loves investing in themself and looking stunning no matter what, then let us tell you: these extensions were made just for you! Any time is the right time to get a makeover and sometimes getting new hair extensions may be a small change that makes the biggest difference, are we right?

Styling your hair extensions may not be the easiest task, we understand that and we’re here to help. The best kind of hair extensions are coloured ones, don’t you agree? And styling hair extensions well is oh-so-worth it, just trust us on this one!

Here are some stunning ways in which you can style the Darling Superstar Collection:

1. The half-up, half-down

Love standing out from the crowd? One way to do it is to sport this gorgeous hairstyle. What will add even more to the look are the Navy Darling Superstar Extensions. They feel light and are super comfortable, so you can keep them on with little to no hassle. These hair extensions are also made of 100% premium Kanekalon fiber, which has a natural look and finish.

Just install the Darling Superstar hair extensions, take the hair at the top of your head and tie it into a bun. This half-and-half look is so cute and chic at the same time!

Credits: @Darlingsouthafrica on Instagram

2. The Top Knot

A top knot option (excuse the pun!) to style a pair of stunning hair extensions from the Darling Superstar collection is this hairstyle.

Make use of their unique Hot Water Set Technology to fix up a glorious top knot. This look is so trendy and is 100% one of the best hairstyles you should try! The Rosy Darling Superstar Hair Extensions are perfect if you wish to try this hairstyle since they are made of 100% Kanekalon fiber.

These hair extensions feel as natural as human hair. They’re comfortable, cute, and all you need for a good hair day. These coloured braids with curls are hair extensions that have a unique hot water set technology to prevent any tangles so you can style them easily.

Credits: @Darlingsouthafrica on Instagram

3. Fulani Braids

Textured, premium, soft, tangle-free and as pretty as a picture, these just aren’t enough words to describe this elegant hairstyle paired with some beautiful Darling Superstar Emerald hair extensions. These braids come in a gorgeous shade of emerald and are sure to make you look and feel attractive.

From all we know about hair extensions and hairstyles, one thing is for sure:

These extensions are a must-have for every hair enthusiast ever!

The Darling Superstar collection coloured and braided features hair extensions that are long and made of 100% Kanekalon fiber. This fiber essentially makes the hair extensions soft and feels just like human hair. What’s more, is that it also looks natural while protecting your natural hair.

Styling these is super easy, and you can always add a few accessories to make them prettier than they already are!

Credits: @Darlingsouthafrica on Instagram

4. Loose braids

We recommend making full use of the unique hot water set technology that you can see in the Darling Superstar collection. This look with the Cherry Darling Superstar Hair Extensions is one you can sport just about anywhere and everywhere!

To set the Darling Superstar Hair Extensions use some hot water instead of a curling iron to recreate any curly girl hairstyles you like. Style these hair extensions as they come or as some loose beach waves to achieve a glamorous look that you and everyone will love.

Credits: @Darlingsouthafrica on Instagram

5. Beaded Cornrows

Cornrows could never go out of style! They’re elegant, sophisticated and of course, have a beautiful history to them.

Using your favorite colorful hair extensions from the Darling Superstar Collection, you can get yourself this stunning hairstyle. Cornrows look gorgeous and are a great protective hairstyle for your natural hair.

Credits: Pinterest


Some other hairstyles that you can also try with the Darling Superstar Collection are:

  1. Micro Twists
  2. Multi-colored
  3. Beach Waves
  4. Braided Ponytail

And more!

Note: 2 packs of the Darling Superstar Collection’s Hair Extensions are recommended to cover a head.

In Conclusion

You can try just about any braid style or curly hairstyle with the Darling Superstar colored and braided hair extension collection. From Rosy tight curls to Emerald loose beach waves, switching to different colored hair extensions is the perfect way to change your entire look with little effort.

Moisturize your extensions and wear a silk bonnet while sleeping to maintain the luster of these hair extensions. It is also recommended to wear a cap while swimming in contaminated ocean or pool water to prevent damage to the hair extensions.

Go ahead, now’s the time to give yourself that makeover you’ve been looking forward to, and did we mention, the Darling Superstar Collection can help you do just that?