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February 24, 2023

How to maintain your braids to keep them salon-fresh no matter what

Thinking about getting a makeover? Extensions are the way to go! Hair extensions look absolutely gorgeous and maintaining them is really not as tough as it looks. With some effort, your Darling Hair Extensions can look salon fresh all the time! Yes, we mean that.

So how can you keep them looking beautiful as ever, you ask?

Let’s get right to it!

1. Prep in advance

Braids can protect your hair from environmental damage but you must ensure that your natural hair is healthy enough to have braids installed. Before installation, you must shampoo and condition your hair before your installation appointment at the salon. Keep your hair clean and exfoliate your scalp if possible. Use a clarifying shampoo and don’t forget to moisturize.

What this process does is that it removes any dirt or product build-up caught on your scalp and makes sure the installation process is easy and that your braids last long and look salon fresh no matter what!

2. Keeping your scalp clean is SO IMPORTANT!

While we understand that this may not be the easiest task, it is an important one. Shampoo and condition your scalp. Yes, even AFTER your braids have been installed!

Fill half of a spray bottle with your choice of shampoo and fill the remaining half with water. Shake to mix the two and then spray directly on your scalp. Gently massage your scalp with your fingers and rinse your hair in the shower. You can ring your hair out to get all the excess water out. Repeat this process with a conditioner so your scalp and hair can remain moisturized.

3. Avoid unnecessary touching

We get that your braids look gorgeous and you want to keep touching them to just feel how pretty they are, but that’s not as good of an idea as you think it is.

If you keep touching your braids unnecessarily, it may result in dirt and build-up getting trapped on your scalp and in your braid extensions. This can cause a lot of damage to your natural hair and can also make your extensions lose their shine and freshness.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

We know we’ve said this before, but perhaps the most important tip to maintaining the freshness and shine of your hair is to moisturize your scalp and hair regularly. Before installation, ensure that your scalp is moisturized. Even after installation, you must make sure your hair is healthy.

When your scalp is moisturized regularly, it ensures that the luster of your hair doesn’t fade away while it remains healthy. After installation of the hair extensions, regularly use lightweight oils to add some moisture.

Using a braid spray or a water-based mousse is also a good way to moisturize your hair with minimal effort. Keeping your scalp clean and moisturized makes sure your hair extensions last longer and look salon-fresh no matter what!

5. Make silk your braids’ best friend

You might want to hear us out on this one, Silk has to become your new best friend, if you want to maintain your braids. What we mean by this is that while your cotton bedding may seem a little too comfortable, it could be damaging to your braids.

Cotton bedding can create friction between your braids and the sheets or pillowcase the entire night. This can cause frizz and breakage. You can switch to some silk bedding or opt for a silk bonnet or scarf. Just wrap your braids up in the silk bonnet and it can do wonders with maintaining the shine and freshness of your extensions.

If you’re one of those people who like to let your hair remain free while sleeping, you can also switch to a silk pillowcase to make things easy. Trust us when we tell you this, this tip goes a long way in maintaining your hair extensions.

6. Go the extra mile

While this is not a necessity, it sure helps maintain the shine of your hair extensions. You can use some styling gel or some edge control to maintain your edges to make it look like you’ve just walked out of your salon appointment.

This will not only give your hair a professional and salon finish but will also give you a clean and stunning look!

While it is tough to let your braid go and take them down, we must all do it. Retwisting your new hair to make sure your braids last longer will only work for some time but may cause a lot more damage than you could think. Leaving your braids in for too long may also cause too much tension leading to hair loss.

It is recommended to keep your braids on for a period of 8 weeks, at max. The Darling Braid extensions can last just as long. With proper maintenance your extensions can look gorgeous and stay salon fresh the whole time!

Take a two-week break each time you get your braids removed. It may be tempting but maintaining your scalp and natural hair is also just as important. Remember ladies, natural hair or installed braids, moisturization, and cleanliness are ALWAYS important to maintain your hair!