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December 02, 2022

How To Wash Your Box Braids So They Don't Get Frizzy

You might have a long-term love affair with your box braids and why would you not? They look stunning and are low-maintenance. But there's a catch: Simply because they require little upkeep, it doesn't imply that they're zero-maintenance.

More often than not, people don't tend to wash their box braids. No, they aren't lazy; they are just extremely terrified of messing them up. Because a lot of your time and effort went into meticulously braiding them, right?

If you've had your box braids done and perpetual frizziness is your long-time foe, then we've got some ways to get away with the issue. Continue reading as we have brought to you an ultimate guide to washing your box braids while also keeping them frizz-free.

1. Pay attention to your scalp

Right from the time you've washed your hair, you've been slathering on different products. And hence, you end up applying a lot of products to your hair, and then they all end up accumulating on your scalp. However you shouldn’t let them build-up as this might lead to scalp problems and hair concerns. So, you should ideally start by ensuring that you have a completely clean surface to work with.

2. Soak before you shampoo your braids

Did you ever think that something as simple as hot water could help in revitalising your braids? Yes, it works! Now instead of pouring the pot of hot water on your braids, just soak your braids in water and then continue with shampoo.

3. Now is the time to use the shampoo

We understand that your concerned about your braids getting frizzy, however it is necessary to wash your scalp. When your shampoo is too thick, dilute it in a generic squeeze bottle with a pointy tip to reach all of the hard-to-reach spots. This way you have more control over where the shampoo goes. Squeeze the mixture directly on your parts and any new growth. Then lightly massage everything in.

4. Make a downward motion

After massaging your scalp thoroughly, move the foam toward the tips of your braids in a downward motion. To keep your box braids from frizzing up after the wash, go slowly and wash your hair gently.

5. Rinse well to remove all shampoo residue

Rinse vigorously; if necessary, repeat. Do it until the water runs completely clear. If your shower head offers settings, try using the strongest water pressures to effectively rinse out the product.

6. Restore moisture using a conditioner

It's time to move on to conditioning once you've finished cleansing. Use a mild conditioner to replenish moisture. The formula will be able to permeate your braids and it will be easier to wash out. When we talk about hair-care, conditioner can be more crucial than shampoo because shampoo's role is to clean, whereas conditioners can have a variety of effects. It has a unique ability to make your hair velvety soft while also acting as an anti-static and anti-flyaway agent.

7. Wring your braids in a microfiber towel

After thoroughly rinsing your scalp and braids, make sure they're dried because they will trap a lot of water that can cause odour. So, drape your braids in a microfiber towel for about half an hour; this fabric is superior to cotton since it eliminates frizz. Microfiber towel wraps also minimise the need to use your hands to flutter your hair. Incase you don't have the towel, don't worry, now is the perfect time to pull out that good old t-shirt sitting idle in your closet!

And this is exactly how you clarify, cleanse and condition your braids to keep the frizz away. Washing your box braids never got easier, right?