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February 24, 2023

Natural Hairstyles to try this Valentine’s Week!

The most important date night of the year is here and we can't wait to see all of you flaunt your best hair for Valentine's! For our natural hair Megaqueens, we have put together a few styling options that look chic and also protect your hair (self-love is the best love after all).

So whether you're celebrating with a significant other, your gang of girls or if you simply have a date with a book and a glass of wine, we got you!

Here are 4 hairstyles to flaunt this Valentine’s Day:

Pineapple Updo

Let's start our list with something quick and easy! This hairstyle arranges the hair in a way that reduces frizz, lengthens your curls and retains moisture to keep it healthy. It’s also a great stretching style that prevents shrinkage. Who knew creating a loose ponytail would have such great benefits, right?

Bantu Knots

If you're looking for a cute, flirty style that looks effortless and is very versatile, Bantu Knots are for you! Nothing beats the clean and classic vibe that Bantu Knots offer. Careful not to pull too tight as this may lead to breakage.

Pro Tip: Use the MegaGrowth Break Free Leave-in Strengthener while styling which helps restore and repair your hair, making them strong and healthy.

Halo Braid with a Defined Afro

Show your mane some love by wearing it as it is at the back with an angelic Halo in the front. This hairstyle is for our natural hair girls who love a low maintenance hairdo that looks chic and stylish!

Space Buns

Who doesn't love some sassy space buns, right? Simple composed of two high buns, this hairstyle is perfect for a fun and casual date night setting. So, whether your hair is braided or natural, this hairstyle works for anyone!

Source: Pinterest

Accessorize your curls!

The last one on our list is not a style but all about decorating your natural hair with accessories. Beads, wires, scarfs, headbands, clips or flowers - these accessories can amp up your Valentine’s look and give you that effortlessly elegant look.

Remember, Megaqueens! Putting together a Valentine’s Day look shouldn’t be a hassle but a fun way to express yourself. These styles aim to give you that oomph this Valentine’s, so if simply wearing your natural hair in all its glory gives you joy, go ahead and make yourself happy!