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December 02, 2022

Save Time While Caring For Your Afro Hair

Do you want to start your day by getting into a wrestling match with your ringlets? You end up tormenting your curls while attempting to untangle them. And trust me, they are innocent by all means! So, it's not fair.

Why don't you treat them like newborn babies? Give a lot of attention, love and affection. And when you give your best, your curls will love you back instantly.

The range of Afro hair is vast, ranging from subtle waves to very kinky locks. Continue reading to learn how to pamper your locks and leave no room for complaints!

1. Do not comb or dry brush your hair

You know you'll end up with a frizzy mess if you try to comb or brush a dry head of curly hair. Using a wide-toothed comb while conditioning in the shower is your best bet for maintaining the locks.

2. Try washing your hair in parts

Since cleaning your mane might be a hassle, it's a good idea to do it in sections. Instead of making the parts larger, make them smaller. If you have a thicker texture, this will help you focus on each part while still keeping your hair manageable.

3. Bring microfiber towel into action

Microfiber towel fibres are more tightly packed than regular towel fibres, which reduces drying time. They're built with a split feature in a hair towel to wick water and help your hair dry faster. Microfiber towel wraps also reduce the need to ruffle your hair with your hands.

4. Prioritise moisturising your hair

If you didn't already know, dryness is your afro hair's worst enemy! It also makes your hair more prone to breakage and single strand knots, which can lengthen the time it takes to wash and style your hair. The LOC (liquid, oil, and cream) approach is magical for adding moisture to your hair after you've washed it and in between washes.

5. Sleep on satin sheets

Do you go to bed with moisturised hair and wake up with it being dry? It's possible that the moisture in your hair is being absorbed by your pillow.

Cotton is commonly used in bed linens because it absorbs moisture when you sweat at night. Cotton, however, also absorbs moisture from the hair and dries it out. Satin prevents hair from losing moisture overnight, keeping it in good condition.

6. Wear a bonnet to guard your curls

Hair bonnets are a must-have in your arsenal if you want to protect your hairdo. By decreasing friction between your hair and your pillow, while you sleep, these sleep caps maintain your curls beautiful, defined, and moisturised while also helping to protect hair from split ends and frizz.

7. Use your hairdryer less often

When you use a hairdryer on damp natural hair, it takes intense heat and a lot of tugging with a styling brush. It's critical to keep your hair as free of friction and heat as possible to minimise damage and tangling. It is preferable to air dry your hair as your curls don't deserve the wrath of heat!

8. Pamper your hair with suitable hair products

Embrace your curls and treat them well. And what's better than washing your hair with your favourite hair shampoo? Keep your hair away from the curse of dandruff and dry scalp by using MegaGrowth Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It not only wards off the white flakes and prevents itchiness but also restores moisture and suppleness to the hair. Time to flaunt your ringlets without any hesitation!

In this way, knots, tangles and perpetual frizziness are not your uninvited guests anymore!