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Darling Pre-Curled Curly Braid | The Diva Shop Nigeria

Darling Pre-Curled Curly Braid

    Darling Pre-Curled Curly Braid

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    Length : 60" Size: Long
    Texture: pre-curled and pre-stretched human hair feel

    Product Type: Braids

    No. Of Packs Per Head: 1 or 2

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    • Embrace the luxury of our elegant Darling pre-curled curly braids. 
    • The extensions feature curly tips for creating stylish braids. 
    • They are pre-treated human hair extensions. 
    • A variety of curly braid hairstyles can be created with this product. 
    • You can effortlessly achieve a stylish, flattering look with its lightweight texture. 
    • Maintaining it is easy, and styling it is straightforward, so feel free to wear it however you wish. 
    • Adding an elegant touch to your hair, the Darling Curly Braid uses the highest quality hair with a lustre that looks and feels as natural as your own hair. 
    • Shop now and choose from a variety of colors.

    Product Care Instruction:

    To make your pre-curled curly braid last longer, please do not wash, rub, squeeze or comb the hair. Avoid the use of heat agents to dry hair as much as possible. When not installed, place hair on a flat surface and allow hair to air dry completely. Style with your fingers and minimize the use of a brush for longer shelf life. Please do not dip it in hot water.
    Any special tips?
    Ensure hair and scalp is clean before installation. During installation, hold hair at the middle on equal length, separate curls from tips gently, install and finish style by wrapping curls around the finger and release.
    How do I maintain my braids?
    Ensure your hair and scalp are nice and clean before you install any kind of braid. To enjoy the best results of using this product, moisturise your scalp to avoid a dry or chafing skin before use. To retain the moisture and shine on your hair and scalp use Mega Growth Leave-In Conditioner and keep your pre-curled loose braid looking smooth and neat always. With regular care and attention, you can expect your extensions to last as long as possible.
    What styles are suitable for Pre-curled Curly Braid?
    There are a number of styles you can achieve from our Pre-curled Loose Braids like gorgeous Knotless box, diamond, triangle braid styles etc.
    What is the texture of Pre-curled Loose Braid?
    Darling chooses only the finest fibers for you to obtain your desired style effortlessly. Our Pre-curled Loose Braid have a silky smooth texture and come in a pre-stretched and pre-curled ready-to-use box. It has an immense lightweight texture which is convenient and comfortable to carry all day.


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