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Darling Afro Puff Pony | The Diva Shop Nigeria

Darling Afro Puff Pony

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    Darling Afro Puff Pony

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    Length : 10" Size: Short
    Texture: Tangle free and Natural Hair feel

    Product Type: Ponies

    No. Of Packs Per Head: 1
    Weight: 100 grams
    Darling's Afro Puff Pony is a natural looking pony that has a beautiful and classy finish. Afro Puff Pony is made with premium quality synthetic fibers. These are tangle-free and super easy to manage. This style has a texture as soft as a feather. Darling's premium textured fibers blends seamlessly with natural and straightened hair. Our Ponytails are quick and easy to install and they blend in your natural hair effortlessly due to it's exclusive drawstring attachment feature.

    Product Care Instruction:

    Use fingers to gently stroke your hair for additional volume. Apply TCB Oil Sheen occasionally for maintanence if needed. Trim after few weeks of installation to keep the style intact. We highly recommend storing the product in the pack itself after use.
    Any special tips?
    Since this product is absolutely easy to maintain and style there is not much you need to do to preserve this style except for storing the Pony in a satin bag when not in use. All you need to do is finger pick the product and store it in a neat and clean space.
    How do i wear my pony to keep it firm?
    Pack your hair in a pony and braid with a bit of darling braids(if hair is not long) and wrap it. Place Afro puff pony on braided bun, secure properly and pull strings to tighten.
    What styles are suitable for Afro puff pony?
    Afro Puff Pony can be worn in a high centre pony, braided or twisted sides pony, as a stitch braids pony, etc.
    How do I maintain my pony?
    Keep your scalp moisturized with our TCB sheen Oil that is suitable for all hair types. Make sure that you keep the product in a clean storage space to extend its life. Use a Paddle Brush to detangle your hair and to keep your pony intact.

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