Profectiv Megagrowth for Kids Relaxer Regular (6Tup) Relaxer

Profectiv Megagrowth for Kids Relaxer Regular (6Tup)

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This MegaGrowth Crème on Crème Relaxer System includes an ultimate protective blend of natural oils and conditioning proteins in every step, helping to defend against breakage, split-ends and dryness. The MegaGrowth 3-step System enhances elasticity and movement, increasing the strength of relaxed hair by up to 100%. It is suitable for fine or medium hair and contains everything you need for hair that requires frequent touch-ups or relaxing. Provides silky-smooth straightening and healthy-looking results. Contains pre-measured sachets of crème activator, crème relaxer, neutralizing shampoo and moisturising conditioner.

Styling Tips

  • Use with other MegaGrowth products to prevent damage and breakage thereby achieving up to 100% stronger and longer hair.

  • Never pull, stretch or tug hair that has been freshly relaxed.

Intensely enriched with Wonder Oils and strengthening nutrients, this No-Lye Relaxer offers: 

  1. Advanced strength and protection for coarse hair through strengthening conditioners in every step 
  2. Safety and convenience with pre-measured Crème on Crème formula, offering ease in mixing, with no mess 
  3. Enhanced elasticity and movement, increasing the strength of relaxed hair by up to 100% 
  4. Defense against breakage, split-ends and dryness 
  5. Ultimate protection from temples to ends
  1. Mix the crème activator and crème relaxer before applying to hair. Squeeze both into a plastic tub and mix with a wooden spatula until the mixture is smooth and uniform in colour.
  2. Apply to hair carefully, avoiding hair that has been relaxed or texturized before. Allow to remain as per instructions.
  3. Apply neutralizing shampoo gently to hair and scalp, focusing on temples, nape and delicate new growth.
  4. Use until the lather turns white to ensure that all traces of relaxer have been removed. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Apply hair strengthener to towel-dried hair gently, distributing evenly from roots to ends. Focus on the newly relaxed hair. Style as desired.

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