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The Diva Shop Collection (116)

Darling Empress Curly Braid


MegaGrowth Break Free Leave-in Strengthener


Darling Superstar


Darling Empress Loose Braid


Darling Empress Silky Straight with closure (Free Detangler Spray included)


Megagrowth Growth Oil 236ml


MegaGrowth Anti-dandruff Value Pack


Darling Empress Super Body Wave with closure (Free Detangler Spray included)


Darling Empress Bone Straight


Megagrowth 2-in-1 Wash Day Combo Value Pack 354ml + 354ml


Darling Empress Silky Straight (Free Detangler Spray included)


Darling Passion Twist


Darling Butterfly Locs


MegaGrowth Anti-Dandruff Spray


Darling Bohemian Passion Twist


Darling Easy Braid 7X