Darling Curly Locs Crochet hair extension

    Darling Curly Locs

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    Pre-made faux locs with curly tips and pre-looped to make it easy to install and maintain and also to give you a beautiful and classy finish.

    Product Care Instruction:

    Gently take each piece at a time, properly loop locs and install.
    Length : 16" |  No. Of Packs Per Head: 2
    Size: Medium | Texture: Loc feel with soft texture and tangle free
    Any Special tips?
    Keep locs from bunching up for a long period. Let it lay loose for most of the time.
    How do i maintain my Darling Curly Locs?
    Ensure your hair and scalp is clean before installation. Gently separate each locs so they don't bunch up together. Wear a satin bonnet during night time.
    Is Darling Curly Locs Heavy?
    Darling Curly Locs is light weight and does not feel heavy on the head even with 2 packs.
    What colors are available?
    Darling Curly Locs is available in colors 27 and 1