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Darling Curly Locs | The Diva Shop Nigeria

Darling Curly Locs

    Darling Curly Locs

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    Length : 16" Size: Medium
    Texture: Loc feel with soft texture and tangle free

    Product Type: Crochet

    No. Of Packs Per Head: 2

    Recommended: 2 packs per head

    The Darling Curly Locs are premade faux locs with curly tips. The Curly Locs come pre-looped for ease of installation and maintenance. This hairstyle is tangle-free and has a soft and lightweight texture that gives a natural look and feel. The ready-to-use feature makes it easy for you to style your hair and give it a stylish and classy look.

    Product Care Instruction:

    Ensure the product is properly looped during installation and gently take each piece at a time to prevent any roughness. Apply TCB Oil Sheen occasionally to ensure the product lasts longer. We recommend the use of mousse to add volume to your hair. Trim a few weeks after installation for regular maintenance. Wear a satin bonnet at night for retaining the moisture.
    Any Special tips?
    You can extend the shelf life of your Darling Curly Locs by letting it lay loose for most of the time.
    How do i maintain my Darling Curly Locs?
    Ensure your hair and scalp is clean before installation. Gently seperate each locs so they don't bunch up together. Wear a satin bonnet at night.
    Is Darling Curly Locs Heavy?
    Darling Curly Locs is super lightweight and manageable. Curly Locs does not feel heavy on the head even with 2 packs.
    What is the texture and style of Darling Curly Locs?
    If you're someone who loves your hair to be soft and smooth, then Darling Curly Locs will be your right choice. Curly Locs will help you achieve a smooth and soft texture to your hair.

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