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FreshGlow Natural Soap - Honey & Lemon | The Diva Shop Nigeria

FreshGlow Natural Soap - Honey & Lemon

    FreshGlow Natural Soap - Honey & Lemon

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    Recommended: 2 packs per head

    Fresh Glow is a beauty soap offering natural ingredients with its 2 in 1 essential benefits to consumers. Specially designed to gently reveal the natural colour of one's skin, it comes in an attractive packaging with a beautiful oval shape contour. Fresh Glow natural soap perfectly meets the requirements of today’s adorable women because it has a multi-functional benefit with its superior formulation. An all-in-one beauty essential with two major natural soap ingredients - honey and lemon to make the skin glow naturally. Contains Honey and Lemon


    FreshGlow Natural Soap - Honey & Lemon is an effective 2-in-1 soap formula that moisturizes your skin with natural ingredients, leaving it soft, smooth, and radiant. It contains honey and lemon to create a pleasant and refreshing scent.


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